Materials: glass coca cola bottle, candle, large bowl, water, bisab or food coloring, knife, matches
Break your candle in half. Shave off the sides of your candle until it can fit easily get inside the coca cola bottle. Melt the end of the candle onto the large bowl, so the candle stands upright without shaking . Pour water and bisab(local colored beverage) into the large bowl around the candle. Light the candle, then quickly lower the bottle on top of the candle until the top of the bottle rests on the bottom of the bowl.

As the air inside the bottle heats up, it expands and bubbles out into the water. When the flame consumes all of the oxygen inside the bottle, the candle will go out and the air around it will cool down suddenly. The cool air will take up less space than the warm air, leaving negative pressure inside the bottle. This vacuum will suck up water into the bottle. Note how the water rises much faster after the flame is extinguished.

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