My name is Gideon Ackon from T. T. I. school,west Africa (Ghana).The course that am offering is an Electrical Engineering.My hobbies is to read my books every day and attending classes too.To became an Electrical Engineering is not a small job to be done. T.T.I fab lab allows the public as well as invitations so that people takes an advantage for their beneficial.T.T.I fab lab is not meant for the T.T.I School only but for the whole Republic of Ghana. Please leave questions and comment below OR Email me at IMG_0635.JPG


Favorite Resources.

Why study computing.

Computing-based information systems play an ever-increasing role in our lives, with well-engineered, reliable and usage system crucial to the survival of all organisations. People who can build, implement and maintain these systems will be in constant demand in the society of the future. As well as being exciting and enjoyable, this field of study is both challenging and rewarding. It not only introduces you to modern technology, but also equips you with essential problem solving, communication and business skills.

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