Preparation time: Half hour
Supplies: white paper, coloured pencils, Nido can lid, 1” screw, tape or glue
Construction: Cut the paper into a circle with the diameter of the Nido cap. Using a pencil and straight-edge, divide the circle into seven pie slices and colour each slice a single colour from ROYGBIV (Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet).
Using a pencil or something else sharp, balance the Nido lid until you find its center of gravity. Mark it and carefully screw the screw through at that point, creating a kind of top. Tape or glue the coloured paper to the top, coloured side up, screw point down. Now you have a top with the seven rainbow colours on top.
Procedure: Review the colours with your students using the colours on the wheel/top/thing. Place the wheel on a desk and give it a good spin. If it is well-balanced, it should spin smoothly and all the colours run together to form white. Bask in the awe of your admiring students.
Theory: For light, white is the presence of all colours (this is opposite for pigment). Theoretically, you could do this demo using only the three primary colours, but it might be harder to get the top to spin fast enough to lose all resolution of the colours. By using the seven rainbow colours, we make it easier for them to blend together, creating white as far as the eye is concerned.

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