by Habib Lilly Prof.

What you need to know about cell-phones, and electronics
  • Electricity flows in a circuit, through wires
    • most electronics have two wires (positive/negative, in/out)
    • even if only one of the wires connected to something is disconnected, that thing will not work

How to know where/what the problem is
How to know how to fix it
How to fix it

Common Cell-Phone Problems
  • breakdown of the earpiece (speaker)
  • breakdown of the mouthpiece (microphone)
  • disorder of cell terminals in the phone, thus where you put the battery must always be checked whether all the three terminals are in order. sometimes one goes in and does not be in line with the others; you can use a pointed screwdriver to pull it forward.
  • inserting of the sim card: sometimes it does not insert properly
    • you have to remove it, clean the surface and insert it again
  • sometimes with the reception, that one, unless you open, you can see the reception pole (antenna) and whether it is connected or broken down
  • and also, about the charger; you also have the pin or the hole where you put the charger, and that one too sometimes when you put the charger there, it might not work because the pin that the connects the charger to transfer the current, sometimes loose contact. with that, you can just use the screwdriver to shake it a bit to see whether it is firm or not. it maybe that the pin has been broken or twisted, and you can soda or twist it back. so it will start working.
  • with the software: sometimes you may want to call, and it may signal that, call buried. here, you have to go to the settings menu and go to call settings and you see list of instructions. select cancel call burial.